Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing for Orthodontists


Len Kessler, DMD, Forked River Orthodontics.  

GetOrthoCases client since 2005.


Targeted direct mail provides your orthodontic practice with the ability to deliver your practice marketing message directly to those households most likely to start orthodontic treatment, lessening your dependence on dentist referrals.


Your direct mail campaign will be precisely targeted to only those households in zip codes within a few miles of your practice, who have children present between a specified age range (i.e. 7 – 15) and household income over a specific figure (i.e. $75,000 per year).


Primarily we mail oversized 6 x 11” postcards for our clients’ campaigns, but we can also use other effective direct mail pieces as well.  If you work with GetOrthoCases we will design a campaign of mailings for the entire year, because not all of your target households will be ready for an orthodontic examination when your first mailing arrives.  Remember – families invest in orthodontic treatment when they are ready, not when we, as marketers, want them to.  Repetition of your core practice marketing advantages is key to your direct mail success.