Sample Direct Mail Postcard Campaign

Since 2002, GetOrthoCases has managed postcard mailing campaigns for hundreds of orthodontic practices.  We’ve found the following “in-home” dates create the best response.

January – Takes advantage of pent up demand from consumers who delay seeing an orthodontist during the holiday season.  Also, new Flex Spending Account dollars become available.

March – Income tax refunds make this a good time to mail.  Also, spring-themed mailings.

June – Early summer is an excellent time to get started in orthodontic treatment without the scheduling concerns of the school year.

Late Summer – For practices whose schedule can accommodate more patients, deliver a mailing to your target homes that arrives 1 month before school begins with messaging of “You Still Have Time to Start Braces or Invisalign Before School Begins”.

Fall – Fall-themed mailings should arrive in-homes 1 month after students have returned to school.  Parents aren’t as concerned about missed school time by now.  This time-frame allows enough time for consumers to respond before they get into “holiday-mode” in November and December.



January Mailing



Spring Mailing



Early Summer Mailing



Fall Mailing

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