Observation List Marketing

GetOrthoCases has developed a more effective way for your practice to increase new starts from your Observation patients.

Rather than doing little or nothing during the time period between your Observation patients’ initial examination and their Recall examination, send a Quarterly Recall Newsletter to stay in touch with these potential future new starts. We’ve found that including our customizable “Is Early Treatment Worthwhile?” article is especially effective to remind these patients why you put them on Observation and did not recommend starting treatment at the time of their initial visit.

Frequently, orthodontists ask “why market to these patients while they’re on recall? …..they’re not ready to start treatment anyhow.” Ask yourself “what is my competitor telling these Observation patients when they visit their practice for a second opinion?” If your competitor is telling your Observation patients to start treatment now, you may be losing new starts that should be a future patient at your practice.

Don’t have time to write newsletter articles? Neither do our clients. The GetOrthoCases Recall Newsletter includes access to our newsletter article archives, which are all customizable to your practice.

GetOrthoCases handles all of the copywriting, graphic design, printing and bulk mailing of your newsletter. All you have to do is send us your logo and Observation list for that quarter, and your work is done!

Like this Observation Patient Newsletter? Lets start one for your practice…call 1.888.657.2762 or complete the order form.