Geo-term Landing Pages

Your orthodontic practice probably does not attract patients from only the zip code that your office is located in.  Therefore, your search marketing strategy MUST ensure that your practice ranks on the first page for relevant keyword searches in numerous local zip codes, NOT just the zip code your office is located in!

Now it can.

Our comprehensive inbound online marketing technology, Ortho Patient Magnet, is an excellent tool to increase website traffic, capture leads, and increase new patient consultations for your orthodontic practice.  And geo-term landing pages are one part of this overall solution, that will successfully transform your practice website from functioning like an online practice brochure into a lead-generator for new consultations.

…No website redesign necessary.

GetOrthoCases can help your practice implement effective inbound marketing as a powerful new patient attraction tool.


To learn more, read the following Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Case Study