Most orthodontic practice websites are aesthetically-pleasing, but their Call-To-Action is poor.  In fact presently, 99% of orthodontists have websites that are functioning merely as an online practice brochure.


Remember the objective of having your practice website is ultimately to increase new starts and profits for your practice.  Without Calls-To-Action (CTAs) on your website and blog, your website falls into that category of mere online practice brochure.


An effective Call-To-Action will enable you to capture leads on your website and follow-up with a personalized automated marketing campaign to each lead, converting website visitors into new patient examinations.




Remember, to maximize the impact of your website CTAs, you must link the CTA to valuable content that your potential patients find helpful when selecting their orthodontist.


GetOrthoCases can help your practice implement effective inbound marketing as a powerful new patient attraction tool.