It is imperative that today’s orthodontic practice blogs often and effectively, creating unique content that potential orthodontic patients find educational, informational, and/or fun.  This type of blog content is frequently shared thru social media.


Blogging is an effective tool to improve your search rankings.  Orthodontic practices that blog unique content effectively, receive 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those practices that don’t blog.




How Does Blogging Increase My Website Traffic?


  1. By Increasing the search engine quality score of your primary url.  Remember, search engines reward websites containing greater relevant content with higher search engine rankings.  A GetOrthoCases blogging campaign will add 60 pages of indexed pages to your primary url. (This is different than the blogging solutions many vendors offer, which sometimes aren’t even properly constructed to benefit your primary url.)
  2. Properly keywordoptimized blog posts will begin to show up in internet searches containing those keyword terms.
  3. Blog articles are excellent content to publish to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  As your social media followers LIKE and SHARE your educational, informational, and fun content, views to your blog and other pages on your website, increase.



How many more total blog posts do I need to impact my website traffic?

Our blogging clients with 21 – 50 blog articles enjoy 45% greater website traffic than practices with 11 – 20 articles.

The question really isn’t whether your practice needs an effective blog.  Instead, the question you should be asking yourself is, “How Fast Do I Want to Vastly Increase my Website Traffic?”

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