Automated Marketing

The internet has given consumers a valuable research tool to use and make more informed healthcare decisions.  Unlike in the past, where patients relied almost exclusively on specialist recommendations from other doctors, today’s consumer is frequently researching their healthcare decisions prior to selecting a healthcare provider.

This is certainly true for the orthodontic specialty.

Because many potential orthodontic patients select their own orthodontist, it is crucial that your orthodontic practice website effectively captures leads and automates a customized marketing message to each captured lead.  The goal here is to help potential patients make an informed decision (consumers appreciate this) by educating them about orthodontic treatment and to position your practice as the obvious choice to call for an orthodontic examination.


Inbound Marketing Effectiveness


Below are samples of an automated marketing sequence that each of your captured website leads will receive. The entire sequence typically consists of 10 customizable emails.  Your captured leads are also emailed incentives to visit your practice for their orthodontic examinations.




Want to see how “Marketing Effective” your website and online marketing is?