3 Myths Preventing Referrals To Your Orthodontic Practice

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Patient Referral Myth #1
“My good standing in the community ensures my patients are referring their friends, family members and neighbors.”

-Not necessarily. Your patients have many other things to do in their busy lives, besides talking about your orthodontic practice. Without an effective system in place for your office staff to cultivate these patient referrals for you, you’re leaving this critical patient acquisition strategy to chance.

Patient Referral Myth #2
“We have a referral program printed on the back of a business card that we give out – so yes, we’re asking for patient referrals.”

-No, you’re really not. What can you print on a business card that will convince a new patient that you are their best option? Besides, business cards get lost in pocketbooks, purses, wallets and desk drawers.

Patient Referral Myth #3
“I don’t know how many starts we’re getting from patient referrals, but my staff does a good job asking for referrals from our patients.”

-Not true. We have found at most busy orthodontic practices that asking for referrals is a victim of unintentional neglect. If you’re not tracking the number of patient referrals you get, your staff won’t consistently ask for them, BECAUSE THEY ARE BUSY DOING ALL OF THEIR OTHER JOB DUTIES!

To solve this problem and MAXIMIZE patient referrals at your practice in 2016, we have an easy-to-follow, 3-step action plan for your practice. 

Your key to vastly increasing patient referrals at your practice, is to give your staff a tool that is EASY and COMFORTABLE for them to introduce on a consistent basis. (Giving key employees an incentive for effectively implementing this tool doesn’t hurt either…)

Here is a proven 3-Step Staff Action Plan that you and your staff will find easy to implement successfully. We have given this to hundreds of orthodontic practices who are using it effectively. Click Here.

Follow these easy steps and you’re on your way!

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.