Orthodontic Marketing 101: The Top 5 Goals of Direct Mail Postcards

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Here’s why postcard marketing campaigns are great – they’re short, clean, and to the point. Direct mail postcards are one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to make the phone ring at your orthodontic practice.

postcards wheelPostcards are not usually a good marketing strategy for the simple act of closing a deal, but if they are designed correctly, direct mail postcards can be great for pre-selling products and services, building brand awareness, and creating client loyalty. Best of all; postcards are the most efficient and excellent direct mail advertising pieces for generating phone calls.

A postcard direct mail campaign can make your phone ring off the hook with compelling headlines, succinct copywriting, engaging graphics, a compelling offer, and a solid call-to-action. To take that a bit further; a series of direct mail postcards can receive a torrent of responses, build client loyalty, and stimulate practice brand awareness. Yet, postcards are one the easiest to manage direct mail marketing campaigns.

Even though postcards aren’t the best for closing sales because of their short and open format (no one can enclose a check to pay for an order or write a credit card number), response can still be quite high. Here are those 5 important goals of using postcards in any direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Generate phone calls.

The number one objective of most postcard marketing campaigns is to generate a phone call. Ninety percent of the postcards we create for clients are written with this single objective in mind: Make that office phone ring. 

The way to make the phone ring at your orthodontic office is very straightforward in this simple postcard format: Offer something for FREE and ask for the phone call several times on the card. “Call for a FREE evaluation!” or “Call for FREE second opinion! Call for a FREE orthodontic consultation. Call for…” well, you get the idea. Ask readers to call you enough and they will. Every time a reader calls, you have the opportunity to provide better service and increase client loyalty and longevity. And, yes, increase new patient starts and revenue? Yes, you can do that, too. Your postcard doesn’t do that, YOU do that. The postcard generates the call, but YOU make the sale.

2. Build practice brand awareness.

The other 10 percent of the postcards we create build practice brand. By mailing postcards frequently, you can stay in the top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds. So, when your clients need anything that relates to your practice—they immediately think of you, and call you first.

3. Create (almost) instant success. 

Postcards can generate immediate response if your offer touches a timely trigger point. Figure out what your prospect’s immediate need is and address that in your card. Then, ask for them to call, of course.

4. Build loyal relationships. 

You can—it’s easy! But, not with a single postcard mailing. You need to create your direct mail marketing campaign over time, with a series of postcards. Mailing postcards every quarter is ideal. The key to success? Repetition, your list, relevancy, and your offer.

5. Don’t sell your product or services. 

The final goal is to realize that you don’t need to sell your product or services from the postcard. But, you do need to generate phone calls and inquiries. Then, when the person calls, your front office staff sells your product or service. Just remember this; it’s much easier to achieve your goal (generating those phone calls) with your direct mail postcard, than it is getting a new patient start. That’s why a properly-trained staff is so important to the growth of your orthodontic practice. For more info on staff training, please click the link below.

For our FREE Staff Action Plan, click here.

And, since postcards are easy to handle, they require much less work than other direct mail marketing campaigns which consist of letters, brochures, or anything that needs to be placed in an envelope, folded or stapled. Less fuss and muss. You just address and mail. Postcards are easy. These should be the 5 goals and objectives of your successful orthodontic practice postcard marketing campaign.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.


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