Make Your Orthodontic Practice Direct Mail Stand Out

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Don’t believe all those articles you see that direct mail is dead. Direct mail is still very much alive! Even savvy Internet users continue to regard direct mail favorably. It has a physical presence and a tangible quality that electronic communications don’t. However, your direct mail should be relevant and targeted, with the focus on mailing only to those who are likely to come to your orthodontic practice, such as homes with children between the ages of 7-15.

letterbox 211428 1280Here are some simple points to follow to make sure your direct mail piece stands out in the mailbox:

• Declutter. Use a bold headline that is eye-catching, followed up by a short amount of text and bullet points that reinforce the headline. Less is more!

• Images and graphics. They should be relevant to the message and, again, reinforce the headline.

• NEVER USE ALL CAPITALS FOR BODY TEXT and eliminate acronyms and terminology your target audience might not be familiar with.

• Benefits. What’s in it for the reader? Don’t merely focus on the features of your services or products; focus on how all of that benefits your prospective client.

• Offer. Make sure your offer is enticing and compelling.

• Call-to-Action. Tell them what you want them to do. “Call today!” “Act now to receive your discount!” “Offer available only to the first 15 callers!”

• Response. Give them multiple ways to respond, such as email, telephone, coupon code and website.

• Website. If your call-to-action directs them to your website, make sure it is easy for them to find what they want when they get there. Don’t just send them to your practice’s home page; consider a landing page that mirrors your direct mail piece.

Click here to learn more about targeted direct mail marketing for your orthodontic practice.

Effective orthodontic practice marketing is about generating new patient starts. People are overwhelmed with marketing messages every day. You need to make your orthodontic practice’s message stand out from the rest. While a great design and offer are helpful, ensuring that you are mailing to appropriate target homes is even better. Track your response rates to your current campaign and see what your practice marketing dollars are getting. If you’re not happy with those numbers, take a different approach to your orthodontic marketing and see what happens! Remember, direct mail is still very much alive!

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